Departure Angle – Econo

Departure Angle for Econo Gangway
(Bolt On or Welded)

The start angle is a system allowing you to fasten a gangway to a fixed structure allowing it to follow water level variations.

This product is designed to be bolted or welded on a gangway. Other products may be required for proper installation.
NOTE: This product was designed mostly for distributors.

Also available in the following widths and attachment methods:

  • 3′ (#RL 233)BOLT ON
  • 4′ (#RL 234)BOLT ON
  • 5′ (#RL 235)BOLT ON


  • 3′ (#RL 111)WELDED
  • 4′ (#RL 134)WELDED
  • 5′ (#RL 184)WELDED



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